Monday, March 18, 2019

THE REVISIONARIES - Presales Now Open!

My novel—THE REVISIONARIES—will come out on December 3, 2019. It is now available for preorder (preordering is very important and you should do it if you can please). 

Google Books
Barnes & Noble
Penguin Random House Canada 

Any of those links will get the job done, but I confess a love for the independent option. You also should be able to go to your local bookstore and place your preorder through them, and maybe buy more books while you're there, which will make your life better and keep independent bookstores going. The indie bookstore ecology is hugely important to the health of the industry, and your preorder there helps me just as much. Food for thought!

In case you didn't know, preorder is very important. If you want to support an author—if you like what they do, if you'd like them to go on getting a chance to write things—the way you do that is simple: you preorder. There's a very good Twitter thread here that explains why, but in short, it's how bookstores decide to shelve or not, and it's how publishers decide how much publicity to give, and how media decides whether to review a book and interview the author. Etc.

And it's how the publishing industry decides whether a debut novelist (such as ahem me) gets another bite at the biscuit.

So, my friends, and-I-beg-your-indulgence-for-this-but-not-really, I'm going to pitch my book the next six months, and I'm going to pitch hard.

Please preorder my book. Then—if you have time and want to give me a thrill—leave a comment and let me know you did.

Get one for you.

Get one as a gift.

Get an office copy.

Let your friends and family know about it. Tell strangers on the street. Tell everybody! Read it with the cover ostentatiously displayed. Write it across the sky in gossamer teardrops! Proclaim it to the heavens in angelic tongues of fire!

Ahem. Anyway, that's what I'll be doing.

Whatever you're able to do, know that I will appreciate you with my whole heart, and love you with my whole brain, and maybe if we meet up somewhere (on book tour, which I've been sent on because of all the preorders, of course) I'll sign your copy with my whole hand, if that's what you'd like.

I can't wait for you to read this book.

And the next one.


  1. I've been awaiting this release since 2008?, 2009?. I guess another 6 months will be a cake walk. Congratulations! Pre-ordered.

  2. Well done!
    As a fan of your thoughtful, well-written Twitter threads, I've pre-ordered your novel. I'm looking forward to reading it!